Beth must've had a good reason for what he did.

It is just like her to think of others before thinking of herself.


You're a little early.

I don't like to drink water with ice.

Manuel and Moran both need new shoes.


I hope Manavendra trusts me.


Surya painted a picture of his mother.

I'll never see you again.

I didn't want to do this, but Maarten insisted.

Annie and Dennis seem to know what they're doing.

I think that would be wise.


Why do I need help?

The room was empty.

Tatoeba is where I translate sentences.


Beth wanted to give Willie a goodbye kiss, but he thought maybe he shouldn't.

Nate isn't sure whether he made the right decision or not.

She was relaxed.

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I asked her to stop.


Kieran may have already left.


I have already done my work.

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Dimetry needs proper medical attention.


If I had known that you were sick, I could have visited you in the hospital.

Jeannette was the one who helped me.

In front of my house there is a charming patisserie.

She was brave and cheerful, and always made little of her troubles.

The sunbeam acts upon the skin.

What have you done with them?

I'm touched you remembered.

Dan closed the store.

I don't take any medicine.

I'll read this book.

I'm the one who gave her that.

Maria never cheats.

Olivier murdered his son-in-law.


Whenever I'm feeling pessimistic about the future of the world, I just think of how much has changed even in the time that I can remember.


Do you have a Facebook account?


What does Mac have to do with this matter?

Rain is water falling from clouds.

The use of optical instruments with this product will increase eye hazard.

It was a delightful evening.

Gail doesn't have to listen to what Natraj says.


Do exactly what I tell you to do.

Why don't you get a little sleep?

I am obsessed with learning Hebrew.


I thought Marcia had heard us.

I made a quick visit to the home depot.

He went out a little before five o'clock.


They lost no time in getting the sick man to a hospital.

She poured me a cup of tea.

Vinod came back by way of Boston.


A top-class shearer can shear up to 150 sheep in one day.

Where are our umbrellas?


I went from door to door trying to sell encyclopedias.

He's a goal keeper.

Coffee hurts your stomach.

Nothing is lost for asking.


Don't believe June.

As it's your birthday, we're going to sing you a song.

What the hell were you doing upstairs, Francois?

They shared an unusual connection.

She gave me a sealed envelope.

He just looked on and didn't stop the quarrel.

It's the best I can do.

I don't feel like taking a walk this morning.

I think you should come stay at my place.

If you participate in a decathlon you'll be throwing a discus at some point.

I considered going to Armenia.

Luis had dreams of becoming a famous tennis player.

Having finished breakfast, I hurried to school.

You know what to do.

They were, for the most part, college students.

Put not your trust in money, but put your money in trust.

I don't think the police will ever catch Milner.

I will try to pay what I owe by the end of the month.

I had him paint my house.

Are you seriously thinking about going?

I'll keep it for him.

You shouldn't have eaten so much ice cream.

The kids are excited.

Discussing the matter won't get us anywhere.

This movie is worth seeing again.


I saw Frederick and Kit holding hands.

I forgot to phone her today.

He worked and worked until he fell ill.

I need Jinchao to know that we love him.

I'm surprised this didn't come up sooner.

Deirdre believes that ghosts exist.

I decided on my exercise program.

Ken sat next to me.

We'll take care of reconfirmation of your reservation.

She boasts that she can swim well.

This isn't the time or the place to do that.


I can only stay with you for just a few days.

You and I are good partners in business.

It took me some time to learn how to drive a car.

Vincent's a yo-yo dieter, who's lost weight many times, only to put it back on again.

I assume so.


Ninja wanted to become a lawyer.

Per was the subject of numerous jokes.

You don't want to get in trouble.

There are two doctors in his circle of friends, a surgeon and an ophthalmologist.

Luck doesn't exist.

I told Sally to leave you alone.

All the apartments are occupied.

He's buying that book.

This is legal.

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Don't try to intimidate me.


Most film franchises eventually run out of ideas.

Eric unlocked the safe.

Don't call again.


Is it cheaper to call after nine?

They didn't know what they should have done with him.

Please come.

I can't promise that.

Could a logical conlang such as Lojban ever grow to rival the current popularity of Esperanto?

Stop goofing off and get back to work!

Brian kept Kate waiting.

My hair's turned gray.

Your liver would like it.

Why is politics separating us, when we ourselves know who is good and who isn't?

He offered me to go to the theater,but there weren't any perfomances on that night.

He was married to her sister.

With your mother in the hospital, you'll have to work harder.

That would be a good idea.

He is entitled to better treatment.

You're worse than Surya.

Anna forgot to do his homework.

Phil is afraid to go out alone at night.

Whenever come, I'll play go with you.

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I know you still love Spass.

He hasn't read the book yet.

Nothing makes one old so quickly as the ever-present thought that one is growing older.

I suggest you let him go.

"How long has Kuldip been in love with you?" "Turkeer is not in love with me. He's my friend."


If this is the way you were told, it is probably correct.

Before long, the Princess came with the carriage and four horses.

Honestly, what time do you plan to sleep until? It's already noon!

Because of his habit of wasting money, he couldn't get married.

Part bought some mosquito nets made in China to give to his friends.

Since I haven't received an answer, I was wondering if maybe my mail never got delivered to you.

He wants a banana.

I wish I could buy that house cheap.

Once you get the hang of it, spreadsheet software is really useful.

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I'm not afraid of them anymore.

She is quite pretty, but looks unhealthy.

We saw some old houses pulled down.

There's one thing I can do to help.

Let's eat now. I'm dying of hunger.

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How close are you to her?

Jakob is an ex-soldier.

The reason is, no one can speak my language.

The results of the experiment were not as we had hoped.

Barry showed up just in time.

Jean is curious about everything.

Trying is prudent.


Peggy was unaware of the danger.


I've asked lots of people to help, but I haven't any joy yet.

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Can we do this later?


Nikolai hasn't been to Boston since 2013.

I suppose I'd better phone them.

Watch your feet.


What do you say to seeing a doctor?

Please sell me that.

Why do you like coffee strong?

Sunspots are regions of the Sun where the solar magnetic field is very strong.

Everything seemed to change.