He already went to bed.

He gave a good piece of advice.


You have nothing whatever to be embarrassed about.

Winston Ericson isn't Winston Johnston, as why people have family names.

For example, this is a love song.

Have you eaten anything unusual recently?

Spit it out, Marcos.

I cannot live in water. I'm not a fish.

Carrots are even worse than onions.

The cabinet resigned.

I thought I'd never see Spock again.


Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus!

Will you be sticking around Boston for a few more days?

Eddy is going to ask you some questions.


He knows who you are.

Brooke drinks black coffee without sugar.

Think is resolute.

No one believes you.

This soup is really delicious, right?


And among them rose the hero son of Atreus, wide-ruling Agamemnon, lamenting: his blackened heart brimming over with rage, and his eyes like blazing fires.

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You can't leave us, Jelske.

Rolfe's mother packs him a lunch every day.

Attached you will find the VAT invoice for your recent purchase.

Have you ever watched this film?

Either word can be used according to the free choice of the users.

I don't want to move too fast.

Do you want to see Jarmo?


Having fallen out of favor with Reporters Without Borders, Vladimir and Alexander decided to create their own organization. They called it: "Reporters With Strict Limitations".

I'll take this to her.

Yesterday I walked to the park.

I don't want to be a fifth wheel.

What sort of damage did he cause?

Arne looked through the periscope.

In the past, I didn't know the usefulness of eternity. But now, I realize that at least it give us an opportunity to learn german.

Marcia didn't think Herve would enjoy his party so he didn't invite her.

My purse was stolen.

We'll vouch for them.

He came bearing a large bunch of flowers.

The revolution will be useless without pictures.

I find it hard to believe.

What in the world does he mean?

Sonja said he cried every day.

This disease spreads like wildfire.

They're smiling.

Jong won't want it.

Barry came to my rescue, like a knight in shining armor.

Christie asked Toft to the prom.

My work is not complete yet.

I think everybody's here.

Women observe and men think.


They couldn't stop laughing.

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Berlin is the capital of Germany.


He came really fast.

I have a clear memory of my childhood.

The weather has been unusual this year.

He let her go.

Why did you break up with her?


It's too soon to think about marriage, we're still getting to know each other.

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Leads wondered whether Helen regretted what she'd done.

What's in your backpack?

After death, there is nothing, and death itself is nothing.

Did you remember to buy sugar?

Ozan won't permit Masanao to go to the party with John.

Pull up to the curb.

It is the obligation of every worker to pay taxes.

Jane won't eat anything I cook for him.

Please turn off the light so that I can sleep.

It's better for you to do what your lawyer advises.

Bud has been helping me get ready for my trip.


He always says, "Just kidding!" at the end

The fact that educated Americans in general no longer share understandable background knowledge is a chief cause of their inability to communicate effectively.

I can be impartial.

I guess now you know how Leslie must've felt.

I cannot finish reading such a thick book in a week.

The doctor persuaded him to give up smoking.

Type inference has three outputs whereas checking only has two.

Urgent business kept him from going to the concert.

Ping learnt even some Turkish in Germany.

I'd like to visit your country someday.

He bowed to the Queen.

He makes everything worth it!

Almost no one believed her.

Tell me how it went later.

Corporate borrowing from financial institutions is rising due to the low interest rate.


Don't make me hurt you again.

We all love you.

He offered me a beer, but I refused.

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They all rose.

Why are you suing Takeuchi?

You have to go on without me.

I am short of money for my trip.

Triantaphyllos greeted Joyce with a passionate kiss.

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What's the worst tattoo you've ever seen?


Rakhal is easily influenced.

Niels's house is around here somewhere.

Dorothy hasn't had her lunch yet.

The one with the guitar is Lynnette.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.


I was bored with his old jokes.


They're very dangerous.

Now get out.

He likes to dress up as a police officer.

All my efforts proved of no avail.

Beloved, unexpected, and undefeated, his voice sounded like a toad that had swallowed a tractor.

Sean and Deirdre got married last month.

The athletic meeting was put off.

Do you have any idea what Teresa is talking about?

Marco vacuumed his car.


Gill has invited me to come and stay with him in Boston.

The world is a grand masked ball, where everyone wears a disguise.

Sanity should've never let Juha go.

Hell would be paradise for a masochist.

A trip to Mars would be a once in a lifetime experience.


We accidentally bumped teeth while kissing.


It was shorter than he expected.


It's my only chance.

Do I look like an idiot to you?

The girl has a beautiful doll.


He breasted it out against difficulties.

You're a brat.

I'm so glad you've come.

It's a very becoming dress.

Dennis looked into her bag and realized that her computer had been stolen.

Please pull down the blinds.

You didn't tell me that Tad speaks French.

How am I supposed to do it?

Did you shut the door?

I hate it when Brandon does that.

Whenever an accident happens, the first thing the doctors look for is a bracelet, a necklace, or some accessory that can provide some information about the patient.


They are a party of six.

I don't have the time to do everything I want to do.

Do you really want me to do that?

He exaggerates the harm done.

I think I've found someone interested in buying your house.

Yes, I'm cuming.

The island is easy to reach by boat.

I'm feeling good.

Never judge by appearance.

I wonder where I put my glasses.

Tarmi needs to be more specific.

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That looks unlikely.

I'd love to come and visit if I had the time.

I haven't heard that particular saying.

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That is a distressing story.


He lost his life in an accident.

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I hope the wine is to your taste.

This is where it's all happening.

Liyuan is just being practical, isn't he?


I expected you thirty minutes ago.

It's Vickie you should be yelling at.

I want to say goodbye.

He consented on the spot.

The group was made up of teachers and students.

I need someone to hold me.

You owe me one.

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Graeme's troubles weren't financial.

That was three weeks ago.

That'll do it.

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All who take up the sword will perish by the sword.

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Huashi is rather busy at the moment.

She has both beauty and brains.

Find a good job.

They're bothering me.

Chris does not appreciate how Beth lost the watch he lent her.


Many problems can occur when employees inside the company are compartmentalized and don't communicate with each other.


She runs fast.