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Always In Touch

The most important aspect of our system is ensuring every party knows whats going on with your defibrillator. Whether you’re a single Guardian, part of a team or part of the NHS, the status of your defibrillator can be monitored by all involved to ensure it is always fit to use.


Notifications & Reminders

We will always make sure you are aware of what’s needed for your defibrillator, be it reminding you on your monthly checks, or letting you know that your consumables are nearing the end of their expiry.


Living Information

Nearly all the information stored within the system can be changed and updated at a moments notice. This ensures that you always have the right information when you need it. Be it electrode pad information through to historical check information, you will always have it to hand.

For Individual Guardians


Monthly Check

Update the system on a monthly basis with live information regarding your defibrillator, cabinet and consumable items.


Instant Information

All details regarding your defibrillator, cabinet and consumable items are stored within your account. You can keep track of unlock codes for your cabinet, the serial number of your defibrillator device or when your batteries are due to expire.


Buy Replacements

Purchase replacement consumable items for your device from our members shop.


Comprehensive Support

Our Ticket Support System allows Guardians to communicate with DefibGuardian Support agents, with Team Managers and the NHS for the best support possible. Tickets raised can be answered quickly and can be revisited for later use.


Previous History

Each check is logged onto the system and kept for you to view at any time. You can observe any changes and patterns from the historic data you collect.



Our services are free to use at any time, there’s no obligation to pay. You will have full access to everything you need to help you manage your defibrillator.


Track Members

View all your member Guardians and obtain information from each in an easy to use dashboard.


Detailed Metrics

Team Managers have the opportunity to review comprehensive metrics and reporting on their members, which will allow them to see overall performance in regards to checks, as well as general health of their sites.

Add/Remove Members

Build teams of Guardians at your own pace. If things change, you can remove sites and add new ones.

For Team Managers