You may leave the room.

If these tendencies continue, those aged 65 or more will account for a quarter of the population within 30 years.


You're the most beautiful woman in the world.

Denis thought he heard his name being called.

Raghu speaks French as well as you do.

What did you do with my glasses? They were here a minute ago.

I would rather stay at home than go out in the rain.

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I played hooky from school today and went skateboarding.


That is not my big house.

Ned got drunk and became very talkative.

There is an error in this sentence.


Matthew is the one with experience, not me.

Michel doesn't drink coffee, but he smokes cigarettes.

Malaclypse pretty much kept to himself.


She is poor, but she is happy.

Judith apologized and then hung up.

That's Mann's call.

I searched for a book with many pictures.

When I arrived at the station, the train had already left.

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What's the speed limit on this road?


He likes the Italian cuisine.

I just stopped by to wish you luck.

He rarely went there.

The scent of lilacs is pervading the garden.

Excuse me, may I borrow a pen?

She's acting on instinct.

I entered the contest.

Why have you done this?

I'm expected.

Doesn't it irritate you to see couples making out around town?

We require the garden fences for immediate delivery.


What else are you planning to do?

We have many friends.

I know how to swim, i just don't like swimming in the river.

Jeffie used to help his father in the store after school.

Starbuck was late as usual.


At what time does the plane from Nice arrive?

Let's wrap this up and go home.

I saw Del going into the bank.


The car bumped the tree.

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Nothing else really matters.

Do you think your spouse spends enough time with you?

That wasn't the question I asked. I wanted to know something else.

I get home at 4.30 and do my homework.

He will come on June 24th.

I saw him first.

I thought your heart was made of stone.

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Jerome and Sanjib quarrel almost every day.

Daren has been sitting behind that desk too long.

Vicki kept on working even though he was sick.

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The room smelled bad.

I even wrote a letter to her.

We have been struck by lightning three times.


Catherine showed me a picture of his grandmother.


I think we should try it.


This sounds like a good idea.

Don't say anything without thinking.

I'm going to ask you to leave now.


Are there lots of sharks around here?

Such things as television and computers could not have been dreamed of fifty years ago.

Children love to sing.

I'll be good to Randolph.

You'll be jealous.


I invent stories by writing down whatever I think of.

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I wonder what Judith ate for his Christmas dinner.

It was me that paid the bill.

Jitendra said he wanted to drop in on some old friends while he was in Boston.

She's very proud of her abilities.

My sister is having a conversation with her friends.


Beware of jellyfish.

We're meant for each other.

Thanks to all of you for coming.

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Jianyun is very good at playing baseball.

It's more than a coincidence.

Heinz will be at tonight's party.

Let's get the job done now.

The cupboard is near the fridge.

Mario likes learning French.

Kenton and I have business.

Many a bargain is missed for lack of money.

I fought back.

Raman has a bright future ahead of him.

If it didn't need to be done, nobody would do this kind of thing.


Miriamne has never been here before.

How did Bert pay for all this?

We've had no complaints from Jimmy.


We adopted a child.

Max is only bluffing.

I want a family.


You have to speak French here.

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I'll never be happy again.


I didn't know you had allergies.

We're just hanging out.

That's a nice pair of legs, when do they open?

I'm going shopping.

What is it that you want me to do?

He likes to sing and dance.

Louie must've been confused.

It was a nerve-wracking experience.

He arrived quite out of the blue.

It wasn't luck.

The contents of the box are listed on the label.

Do you want these tickets?

We were at my aunt's last week.

He borrowed a large sum of money on the strength of expected income.

Does Case have it?


Irvin was the best friend I've ever known, but he also disappointed me.


Danger, danger!

I tried my best to help Sekar.

Loren squatted down.


The pilot is trying to restore communication with the control tower.

I don't want to miss the first act.

You must pay the admission fee here.

There's no need for violence.

Her studies contributed greatly to developing scientific research.

I think Archie knows why Joseph isn't here.

It's a painful 'truth' for us, but watching this movie brought home to me again the danger facing Earth.

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Does he like his new job?

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Christianity and Islam are two different religions.

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Did you talk for a long time?

Juri probably won't tell me what I want to know.

He who only has a hammer in his toolbox sees all problems as nails.


"He's a tiger when he's angry" is an example of metaphor.


Where is the nearest pharmacy?

Are you afraid of girls, Dorothy?

I think my right arm is broken.

I have trouble picturing that.

I stopped smoking completely 3 months ago.

His views were too conservative for people to accept.

I ran like lightning.

There must be something wrong with the engine.

What kind of books have you got?

Why did you have to go snooping around?

I just never noticed it before.

It's great to see you so happy.

She is a Wiccan.

She never uses paper towels. She is such a tree hugger, you know.

Claire and Ti have sex about once a week.


The day before, they had made preparations.

I may have read the novel, but I don't remember it.

Because the English language has so much technical literature, it may be considered a very masculine language.


Bonnie and Eddy sat on the bench, watching people swim.

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Finding a house is stressful.

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Let's buy this one.

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You will not touch that.

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Have you made a list yet?

It is two years since he left for Hawaii.

Terry predicted that Rhonda would win.

No one will give me any money.

What a beautiful woman!


I wish my wife could cook.

I learned to study and play like my Japanese friends.

She's a little rebel.


The measurements need to be precise.


Do we have to tell Meeks everything?

He wrote a book on porcelain.

This book is too difficult to read.