Sassan fumbled in his pockets.

Her pupils were as black and deep as an abyss.

You shall see greater things than that.

Do you think this is crazy?

I'm not convinced that's justified.

It is well known that the city has a high crime rate.

Terrance and Stagger probably did that together.

That was a little confusing.

I'm not in denial.

Melinda told me I shouldn't wear a pink shirt.

Shel suddenly got incredibly nervous.

Who called the police?


I missed the last train.

We're almost finished here.

Melinda's shot missed the target by two feet.

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Is this a compilation?

Marsha is always willing to help.

Benson doesn't get along with Laura's father.

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I thought Hiroyuki told you what you had to do.


Mats is really sleepy.

Light comes from the East.

If you have a fever, it would be a good idea to go to the hospital right away.

Let's go out tonight.

It's a very simple process.

Nobody can hurt me without my permission.

I didn't give them a choice.

Buildings of national importance are relatively safe.

We can always coordinate.

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Our goose is cooked.


Have you heard from the rest of the team?

I only think of you.

I prefer Spanish men to English.


He sails to Sweden.

Mrs. Kotter said, don't do that any more.

Ritchey doesn't remember having said that.


Which of the Koran's suras can you recite?


Jarl had no desire to go out with Meeks.


Most important is that you think for yourself.

He bought his daughter a new dress.

Bob knows that Murph won't be coming.

When did you see him dancing for her?

What is it that you want me to do?

I want to give you some money to help you through these hard times.

In many cultures, accountants aren't thought of as an exciting lot.

Sarah and Lila always work together as a team.

A great student is what the teacher hopes to be.

Sweet scents are borne on soft breezes.

I am married to a Polish woman.

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I want to sleep a little longer.


She went to the new hairdresser in town.

The car ran down the hill.

He's out now.

We were both tired.

Experience Life is a journey in which one often faces lot of hardships.

Well, that's all I have.

What else do you do?


Ramanan was exonerated.

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The train leaves at half past ten, so I'll call for you at ten.

If I want to go, I'll let you know.

Warren spoke in French at the meeting.


Who should we talk to next?

Surya wants to help, but isn't exactly sure how.

What a lot of pens!


An older man was sitting on the bench.

Please send an ambulance.

Get it off your chest.

They're just amazing, but you're completely stupendous.

Did you get this from him?

You don't have to do that now.

I've been banned from the art room.

I went out with the heater on.

One is apt to forget his own faults.

I don't want to make anyone unhappy.

Now that you've mentioned it, you're right.


Lois went to school by car.

You cannot change what you refuse to confront.

You have been enslaved by those sons of bitches.

That would be unreasonable.

I'll do my best to have nothing left to do!


Mom did not mention it.

It wasn't just luck.

He must have forgotten all about the promise.

She always cries when he is drunk.

Roberta walked along the river.

Your uncle let you drive his car?

I wanted to watch you die.

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That coin is counterfeit.

Money is the key factor when we decide to buy a new house.

I'm not talking about that.

The storm became even more violent.

There's no question that this is what we should be doing.

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Did you know that Stewart doesn't like chocolate?


Why don't you go with Eugene?

The Bible is the great best seller of all times.

I doubled up with a stranger that night.


Pluto is closer to the sun than Neptune for about 8% of its orbit.

You've told me something.

I thought you could tell I wasn't ready.


He is my namesake, but no relation.

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She forgot her first wedding anniversary!

This old book is quite out of date.

She hates her life.

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It's already too late.

I wish Morris could see me now.

Break it!

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According to the trip's itinerary, we will go to the British Museum on Monday.

Poor is not the one who has too little, but the one who wants too much.

This beer is for you.

We're here for Jelske.

The subscriber you are calling is currently not available, please try your call again later.

I can refer you to a good book on this subject.

May I use your phone?


Check, please.


We are used to wearing shoes.

He's my only real friend.

He hates her.

I think we owe Rudolph an apology.

She was symbolized by the egg and the bunny.

This time he dressed down, having realized that the smart suit would be out of place.

I thought Matthieu needed help.

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I wouldn't dream of contradicting you.

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Jim jumped for joy when the news came.

The recent scandals involving altar boys and religious leaders have undermined the faith people have in the Church.

His face turned red with anger.

Is that what you want me to say?

Joseph can say 'I love you' in five languages.


Can we afford it now?

Let's suppose, for the sake of argument, that you're right.

This book deals with life in the United Kingdom.

My sister goes to a university.

She sang the song softly.

Let's have a little bit of a primer on weight and mass, especially if we start talking about atomic weight and atomic mass.

I can't think of anyone better for this job than Rajesh.

It's this book.

Would you mind telling me what the problem is?

You shouldn't eat this meat. It smells bad.

"How long were you there?" "I was there for two days."

She stood by him.

She likes to read magazines.

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Is Monday OK?

This dog is mine.

Alexander was hopping mad when he was notified of his sacking by email.

Hutongs are a type of narrow street, most commonly associated with Beijing, China.

He contributed a lot of money.


She put on a sweater so as not to catch cold.

She made me swear not to tell.

She's quick on her feet, so no matter what you say to her, she'll have a witty comeback.

This movie is a tour de force.

Even Skip grinned.

I'll keep an eye on you.

Not a single word did he say.


I didn't know you and Charley were related.

He is buttering up to his boss.

I don't mind if it's a little cold.


Do you remember what you told me?

She is used to traveling.

You'll miss them.

She abhors violence.

Subra showed Caleb how to boil water in a paper cup.

Her new hat becomes her.

Did you make any New Year's resolutions?

The phenomenon is typical of our modern era.

Jeremy is very impressionable.

The cat is black.

For centuries, it was thought that Venus could not be habitable without terraforming.