More confidence, more sales

Create interactive sales scripts so you can overcome any objection, and always know what to say.

Have you ever:

Lost a deal to an objection?

Struggled to set meetings with prospects?

Found it hard to create a process for your sales calls?

With SalesWolf, you can:

Master Every Sales Call

Our platform helps you plan your calls and objection responses, so you can gain more confidence and guide prospects toward the close.

Close More Deals, Faster

By having answers for every situation, you’ll never be caught off-guard. Now you have the ultimate platform to easily sell like never before!

Easily Manage all Scripts

With SalesWolf, you can easily write, edit, manage, save and implement your sales scripts. Ditch the paper scripts and build the perfect playbook to master any and every sales call.

Turn all your reps into A Players

Give your sales team the knowledge of the best questions, pitches and responses, so they can close more deals.

Onboard Faster, Reduce Ramp

Provide new reps and support staff with scripts, so they can learn faster and start closing deals in a shorter time.

See For Yourself

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What Our Clients Say

“Saleswolf has helped me become more confident and comfortable making sales calls. I never have to worry about forgetting keywords or responding to objections.”

Olu Toye-Abdul

NOA Bros - Founder

“SalesWolf has improved how my sales team open and convert prospects. Everything they need is at their fingertips and our revenues have already increased during the first 2 months of using SalesWolf.”

Reza Qorbanie

Director - Marketing X

Platform Investment

What's an extra deal worth to you every month?

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  • Up to 2 Scripts
  • Up to 5 Objections
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Sales Pro


(up to 20 users)

  • Unlimited Scripts
  • Pre-loaded script templates
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By Quote

(more than 20 users)

  • Unlimited Scripts
  • Pre-loaded script templates
  • Dedicated account Manager
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SalesWolf?

SalesWolf is the easiest way to master every sales call. We provide a platform for you to create, edit, manage and organise your sales scripts and objection responses, so you have the confidence to close more deals.

Is it customisable for my company?

Every aspect of SalesWolf is 100% customisable for your sales scripts, sales process, sales cycle industry and company.

How much does it cost?

We have a simple pricing plan that is $10 per user, per month, in USD, for up to 20 users. For clients with more than 20 users (enterprise), we will tailor a pricing plan to your requirements.

Why is there no contract?

While we’re confident you’ll love our platform, we don’t want to lock you into a contract, in case it isn’t quite right for you. SalesWolf is billed monthly and you can opt-out any time.

The easiest way to master sales calls and close more deals

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