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Cryptographic currency overcomes regional regulations, provides globalbusinessopportunities for people, supports it! Make it possible to managebusinessanytime and anywhere. What are you waiting for? Join thecryptographiccurrency now and grab this exciting new future!



Lozobit is a full-featured spot tradhingu platform for bit coins, earmariam,major digitalassets & coyptovurrenies

  • our security

    Our Security

    As quickly as possible to incorporate information on FISC safety measures standards,audit guideline documents to FFIEC, financial regulations and varioussecurity and compliance of each country, as much as possible, third partyaudit reports such as SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI DSS And third-party certification, weare preparing environments that can incorporate finance regulations / relatedguidelines and knowledge of security and compliance.

  • our techology

    Our Techology

    ・Hot Wallet
    We can cooperate with BitGo and we can offer your bit coin withdrawal as a safe and stable service by electronic signature.
    ・Cold Wallet
    LazoBit's cold wallet is completely isolated from the network, andin order to move the virtual currency, it manages it by multi-sig with a completeoffline environment in which multiple people can separately perform digitalsignature in an isolated environment.

  • our performance

    Our Performance

    We respond to the load under 24-hour monitoring, respond promptly when overloadingetc., we try not to stress customers.



  • Cashless

    Cashless Society

    LAZOBit will operate as a platform to realize a cashless society that respondsglobally through LAZOCOIN.Therefore, we will provide payment methods such as QR code throughWallet and website.

  • Philosophy


    I want to send a rich and happy life to many people even for one person!" Through block chain technology to the concept, Working in partnership with project team in various fields We will provide services that can provide a convenient and affluent life.

  • Token

    for NEW Business

    LAZOBIT is anew style exchange that supports comprehensive support not only from the platform of new tokens but also business plans of new business to issue and sales.

Services provided by LAZO BIT

With LazoBit, we have a solid service that enhances system stability, security certification and guarantees smooth transactions in a short period of time, enabling customers to feel secure about handling bit coins.On this page, I will explain the security of LAZO BIT by dividing it into several items.
Management of depositsDepositsfrom customers are completely separated from management funds and managed.We will never be used to manage deposits as funds of the company.
Two-step authentication with SMS · device In order to make it more safe for customers to use LAZO BIT, we adopt two-step verification with SMS to strengthen security certification, and an authentication application (Google Authenticator / iOS, Android) provided by Google. Anyone can use it to prevent unauthorized access from malicious third parties.
SSL encrypted communication We use SSL encrypted communication for communication with customers, and third parties can not see it. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, which is a protocol (protocol) for encrypting and exchanging data.



  • first step

    Send e-mail

    Please click on the inquiry or login to send an email. We will send you a URL by automatic reply by return.

  • second step

    URL access

    Please login from the URL of the e-mail you send to the registered e-mail address.

  • third step

    Required information input

    Please register necessary information after login.


To use the service of LAZO BIT, please check the chart below.


please give us your opinion! If you habe any questions, comments or new ideas,
please do not hesitate to contact us.We will reply within 3 business days.

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