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About US

New Generation International Spedition & Logistic introduces the world's first innovative solution in international transport, while retaining all standards of cooperation in the industry.


More than 12 years of experience of the owner in international trade and transport.

Working with NGISL, you get the same quality of service that always was signed by his name.



NGISL was founded in January 2017 year. At the beginning of a transport company providing services to its own and leased (contracted on exclusive) fleet of 9 vehicles on the possibilities of cargo up to 1.5 T. Our fleet is conscientiously verified in every respect. Thanks to an innovative solution in international transport, while retaining all standards of cooperation in the industry, we manage to grow at a very rapid pace. Faster than our competition. At the same time the dynamics of our development does not have the slightest impact on the reduction in the quality of our services. On the contrary, we aim to improve the quality, the founder of the company is constantly trying to search for more and more new solutions, or attempts to improve the current so that our customers can always get faster, cheaper and more effective solution.

What is our innovative solution?

Sorry but this is our advantage over the competition. It will be our secret.


As a new company we have no room for mistakes. Transport, associated with great responsibility,  precision and accuracy. All of these words characterize NGISL. The decision about the creation of NGISL was thought out, and backed by many years of experience the owner. Our company slogan is a favorite phrase of the owner "Job is done".


A few words, how it started.

Lucas Plaski, founder, his adventure has starts in:


*) 2004;


Studying began working in one of the major wholesalers of glass, porcelain on the Polish market. He worked on position as a IT specialist.

 ( He used the opportunity to educate themselves and get to know the structure and functioning of the corporation. At the same time it was his first contact with international transport. Wholesale dealt with importing goods from all over the world and resell them to supermarkets in Poland. )


*) 2006;


In 2006, the founder NGISL, he found employment as a sales representative in the Korean company with a branch of the Polish market. As a sales representative, he was responsible for the import & transport of goods by sea  and by land in containers 20 '/ 40'. He was collecting orders from wholesalers, ordering them in factory production. He worked on the position of sales representative, where he managed to qualify for the position of team leader of the entire trading desk. With this company, he gained experience while working with international and national partners. He discovered the potential in international transport and his passion.


*) 2009;


There was no way to change the chosen direction. He was employed in international transport as a driver so-called Express delivery. On cars with a capacity of 1.5 T (EP 4-12) in the direction of Western Europe. And all this in order to gain experience, seen from the perspective of the driver.


Such as :
* route;
* unexpected situations and how to solve them;
* learning companies in the European market;
* way the functioning of various industries;
* their deployment in Europe;
* extra qualifications their linguistic ability;
* and much much more.


During those four years, he worked in several different transport companies.  And all to know transport from every possible perspective. With such dedication, he can understand the drivers, but also knows what he can expect from them. Now adequately verify the drivers and carriers to work for NGISL.


*) 2013


 This year, Lucas took his first steps as a dispatcher. He managed fleet of 12 vans with a capacity of 1.5T.

He was responsible for the circulation of documents. He took care of the interests of its clients first in road transport in the European Union. Every day he prevailed one goal. His own spedition. To achieve his target, he had to gain more experience. Later that same year, he found employment in one of the largest shipping companies in the domestic  market. This time with his own base of customers and experience he got there position a senior forwarder. He was a member of the team, working in this company, which contributed to win a prize for the most dynamically developing company in the Mazovia region in 2013 year. With permits and licenses of the company, for the first time was exposed to trade charges.  This time, not limited. Already load capacity does not constitute an obstacle. He gained clients both the small and the large tonnage.


*) 2014


 In 2014, he changed the company to gain new experience and his new employer caught him from head hounters.  Thanks to the implemented system in this company, he was a member of the team of 7 people, which dealt with the acquisition of goods for up to 80 cars, that almost every day. In addition, he was forwarding for his own clients at the same time seeking to enlarge his customer  base.

*) 2016


 He met the owner of the company, which had to cooperate to form a company. Unfortunately we failed to agree    on a common plane.





Owner Lucas Plaski has come a long way from the ground up to the present day. With this bumpy track met all aspects, issues and principles. And that presents a brief genesis New Generation International Spedition & Logistic. Thanks to the gathered experience, the basis of proven and trusted customers and carriers, we were able to enter the market with an innovative solution. Despite this, the owner is not resting on its laurels. Sets itself new goals, which strives. Every day poses another challenge.


His motto :

"We are able to achieve its objectives, the appropriate determination in the pursuit of their implementation."


Thanks to the ongoing cooperation i can boast the following numbers:

*) Hundreds of satisfied companies from all over Europe.
*) Thousands of satisfied customers.


Thank you for your trust and entrusting their goods just me. I hope that our cooperation will be equally rapidly developed the logo NGISL.


Best wishes
Lucas Plaski





Today we coorporate on all EU.

We have carriers with special permitions to travel to other countrys,not in EU.








































































freight truckload

There are two basic categories of road freight:
Full load truckload (FTL)
Less thane truckload (LTL)
We must remember that transport is divided into:
Normal/Refrigerant/Oversized/Dangerous goods.

Freight divided into 2 types: Full load truckload (FTL) and Less than truckload (LTL).


Full load truckload (FTL):


Full-load truckload (FTL) is the movement of large amounts of cargo. Generally the amount necessary to fill an entire semi trailer or intermodal container. A truckload carrier is a trucking company that generally contracts an entire trailer to load for a a single customer.


Less thane truckload (LTL):


LTL is the opposite of FTL. Carrier collects charges from several clients in the same direction in order to get a proper price for transport.


Advantages :

- A fraction of the price of FTL.


- Extra time for delivery of up to 300%;
- Increasing the risk of damage during loading and unloading of goods other customers.


Of course, because of the price, more and more customers decides to LTL solution.



As mentioned transport can be divided into:



It is the most common type of road transport. Frequently used semi-trailer with tilt. Goods usually is packed on pallets.



It is done by using all kinds of means of transport in special prepared for this purpose cabinetries isothermal. Drive is to ensure the maintenance of the proper temperature for the length of the entire route from the loading point to the unloading of transported goods.



This is a very specific type of transport. In theory there is no limit to the weight or dimensions. In order to carry out transport operations cargo, it is necessary to obtain the relevant permits. These permits are issued by the administrative authorities of the areas through which the transport is to take place. Transportation of this type of cargo is supported by the Pilots. hey protect the road to the journey time charges considerable dimensions, warn other road users of an impending atypical transport. The specificity of haulage sometimes requires the carrying out temporary changes in road infrastructure.


*)Dangerous goods ADR:

ADR - to transport hazardous materials. This includes distribution of all manufactured in the world of dangerous materials 13 hazard classes and includes detailed classification of these materials in each class:



    1 - Explosives
    2 - Gases
    3 - Flammable liquids
    4.1 - Flammable solids, self-reactive substances and desensitized explosives

    4.2 - Substances liable to spontaneous
    4.3 - Materials which in contact with water, flammable gases
    5.1 - Oxidizing
    5.2 - Organic peroxides
    6.1 - Toxic substances
    6.2 - Infectious substances
    7 - Radioactive material
    8 - Corrosive substances
    9 - Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles


International ADR agreement defines the general and specific conditions:
* Packaging of dangerous goods
* Requirements for the labeling of goods,
* Packaging and vehicles carrying dangerous goods and the conditions of testing technical packages and their special labeling.
* Requirements for the construction and approval of vehicles including trailers, tank containers and tank-containers
* Additional equipment transport units
* Requirements in relation to the crew of the vehicle;
* Requirements for persons involved in the carriage
* Documentation required for the transportation of
* Requirements of the supervision of vehicles and reduce Tunnel.


The ADR is a common source of contracts for international transport: by sea (IMDG), rail (RID) and air (ICAO).


The company has a base NGISL subcontractors meet all the requirements set by regulations, licenses, insurance. Base that continuously verify and expand. With this solution, we meet every challenge. We select our partners in a very rigorous way. We place great emphasis on the verification of the current documentation, status of equipment (means of transport), and most importantly experience.



And all this in order to meet the demands of the customer.


careers with us

There is no US, without You.
You can control your ability to grow earnings.
You can be promoted as fast as you build your skills.
Build your skills as a dispatcher or freight forwarder.
We provide opportunities to grow and develop.
New Generation International Spedition & Logistic to nowa firma na rynku europejskim z nowatorskimi rozwiązaniem w branży transportowej.

Obecnie poszukujemy pracowników na stanowisko:
Dyspozytor / Spedytor Krajowy i Międzynarodowy do prowadzenia aut 3,5 DMC.

Miejsce pracy : Warszawa - Ochota

- organizowanie transportów krajowych i międzynarodowych,
- współpraca z klientami firmowymi,
- wpisywanie zleceń transportowych,
- dbanie o wysoką jakość usług transportowych i ich terminowość,
- monitorowanie pracy kierowców,
- wykonywanie usług z najwyższą jakością, dbanie o wizerunek firmy,
- obsługa giełd transportowych,

- wykształcenie min. średnie,
- umiejętność pracy pod presją czasu,
- dobra organizacja pracy,
- komunikatywna znajomość języka angielskiego, niemieckiego lub francuskiego,
- biegła obsługa komputera oraz urządzeń biurowych,

Dla osób zainteresowanych prosimy o wysyłanie CV na adres 7088565688 .
Zastrzegamy sobie prawo do kontaktu jedynie z wybranymi Kandydatami.

Prosimy o załączenie klauzuli: ,,Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie moich danych osobowych zawartych w mojej ofercie pracy dla potrzeb niezbędnych do realizacji procesu rekrutacji zgodnie z ustawą z dnia 29 sierpnia 1997 r. o ochronie danych osobowych (Dz. U. z 2002 r. Nr 101, poz. 926, ze zm.)”

terminal network

Linking different modes of transport are  divided into:

With the growth of the economy, increased demand for transport. The necessity of international transport and intercontinental forced finding solutions to the issue of combined transport. So they were created railway terminals or sea.


*) Combined Transport:

It involves the carriage of goods using more than one mode of transport. It uses a swap body or container of 20 feet or more. This arrangement allows the initial or final phase of the use of motor vehicles and elsewhere in the use of rail services or transport by ship. Combined transport uses need to use the services of many operators.


*) Transport Bimodal:

This transport is made by a single operator. Its implementation uses a
special type of bimodal semi-trailer. Bimodal is realized by means of road
and rail transport.



*) Intermodal Transportation:

The carriage is carried out using more than one type of transport, but only one container or interchangeable body. This rule applies to the entire route without handling of the goods.


*) Multimodal Transport:

This mode of transport is used at least two different types of transport:
- Car;
- Railway;
- inland sailing;
- The sea.

To transportation multimodal may be used each of the aforementioned modes of transport.



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