The Bhinmal Jain Sangh, is a group of people belonging to the Bhinmal Jain community who have come together to form an association which can help and benefit people of their community. The purpose of having an association was that the Bhinmal people living in the cities can connect with each other and with the people living in Bhinmal, so they can help each other with job/business opportunities.


ABOUT Bhinmal Achievers Awards

The Bhinmal Achievers Awards is to honour the achievements of those people belonging to the Bhinmal Community in their different fields of works. We will be having a networking event as well where the youth of the community will be able to connect with the top Industrialists of the Bhinmal Community.

There are a few awards that are based on scholarships that will be handed out to students who want to aspire to become someone of identity.


ABOUT Scholarship

Education is not the learning of fact, but the training of the mind to think.
Bhinmal Achievers Awards is looking for the best and brightest.
If you excel in your chosen field of education and strive for brilliance, Bhinmal Achievers Awards is offering Scholarships to better your Education and strengthen the foundation for your golden future