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We are looking forward to your visit to our new office.

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Do you like lasagna?

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She feels at ease in their home.

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I found his pretentious demeanor quite disconcerting.

I'm just a little nervous.

You have done a wonderful job.

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He had never seen such a bad boy.

I'm sorry I can't go with you.

The building with the reddish brown roof is a church.

He lives in a big city in the south of Spain.

Even with the best intentions, you could not understand him.


He didn't recognize me.

Maybe Saqib has had an accident.

The dawns are calm here...

I don't understand what she wants me to do.

Once upon time I used to love you,And no matter what,you will always be a part of my life.

We could start trying.

Do you think students are given enough time to eat lunch?

The story shows us an interesting fact.

Where is the Israeli embassy?


I would like to buy a sofa.

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He had the nerve to ask me to marry him.

She has a a tidy apartment.

There's no easy way to say this.

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My pup took a marrow-bone and sat mousy-quiet in a corner.

Andrea is a very sick man.

She was late to work because she overslept.

Don't raise Margaret's hopes too much.

"What happens to man," asked himself the wise man, "when touched by the angel of death?"

It is important to find true friends when you are young.

The first thing Julianto does every day when he gets home is turn on the TV.


Harold came up with a new idea.


I know you'll pay me back when you have the money.

The car continued to put on speed.

I don't know what to do with that guy. No matter how mad I get at him he just takes it in stride and pays no attention.

The road is all clear.

Tell me what you thought I said.

What happened next?

You know who I am, don't you?

Hubert was in the car.

He smiled at us and got on the train.

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He is not there.

I was surprised, shocked even.

Staring in the smudged mirror, he was not certain if his affliction was loneliness or madness.

How far do I have to go?

Do you want to eat something else?


In my opinion, it would be better if you went there.


I hate asparagus.

I pretended that I didn't see it.

Wallonia is a beautiful country.

Wake not at every dog's bark.

We bought the apartment in 1995.

Irfan says, that he doesn't remember that at all.

That book is too out of date.

Sorry for all the typos.

I think we're looking for different things.


Can you speak French?

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What did you ever see in Harry?

I had lunch with Tareq yesterday.

Sheila is spirited.

Lighten up, guys.

Pravin is afraid of Eileen.

I have to have it.

She became more tranquil.

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You did not say so.

Right now, a full-time minimum wage worker makes $14,500 a year, which leaves too many families struggling to make ends meet.

Rolf sings at church.


You can have both.

I must be going.

We were at lake Balaton today.

I see her every day.

I think we need to go back to Boston.

Please don't ruin this for me.

I don't have anything to do.

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You shouldn't have eaten the fish raw.


Russia won the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics medal count.


I just learned that Joubert won't be at the meeting today.


I'm not a genius.

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I don't have any problem with that.

Tobias hopes Richard gets the job.

Magnetic fields on Mars sprout like mushrooms in its southern hemisphere.

That photographer is really talented.

I can't recall her name.


I think Phillip wants our help.

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Maybe Cathrin just doesn't like you.

Betsy put on his glasses to read the contract.

Let me grab my coat.

He failed to wake Harry up.

We worked really hard, I thought.


Why don't we go out to eat?


Do I look fat?


The king's throne was made out of solid gold.

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There's a rock in my shoe.

The function of the heart is to pump blood.

Yesterday I finished the job.


Her father will not come, he is very busy.

Would that make you happy?

He says he's related to that rich family.

It's always been like that.

Jon and Toerless grew closer.


It's a wicked thing to do.

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May I have a moment of your time?

They are pursuing the robber.

I know that feeling, too.

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I'm hoping Granville doesn't show up.

Srinivas got everything he wanted for Christmas.

A new difficulty has arisen.

I was thinking of getting one.

I can't explain why it happened.

Two cats climbed up on a chair.

It is terribly expensive.


I wish there were more African languages in Tatoeba.

I was wondering if you'd like to join me for dinner tomorrow.

We talked for hours on the phone.


I think we have some unfinished business.


Do you know if Bradley can speak French?


The challenge there is getting on time.


Deborah knew Jeanne could speak French fairly well.

I had to get away from them.

Bertrand is becoming a problem.

Jianyun won't get in trouble.

I don't want any trouble.

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I shrugged my shoulders.

John had a violent quarrel with his wife.

He used to eat out every day, but he can't afford it.

Karen couldn't tell the difference.

She'd spent half the night with her head down the toilet throwing up.

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He has gone to the United States.

I hate everyone.

Shouldn't you be getting to work, Gerald?

He was annoyed at having to show up before the public.

The village is on the side of the hill.


They made a breach in the wall.


You've been very good to me.

Learning esperanto, as recent university researches prove, makes foreign language acquisition easier and quicker.

Sugar cane is an edible grass which makes it a vegetable.


Will is still up.


He ruminated over his misfortunes.


What you said is not true.

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I have no small change on me.

The gang met up at the city dump.

How will you be paying for that?


You've already explained that.

There was nothing Moore could've done.

Earnie has talent.

He is accustomed to braving the cold.

This place isn't safe anymore.

"The Gettysburg Address" is a concise speech.

I can't force you to do anything.

Who can say what will happen in the future?

Susie fell down.

It often seems that women will say one thing, but think and want something completely different.

Well, how did it happen anyway?